Thursday, August 3, 2017

Process Diagram

The example of process diagram are as on the example drawing below, this diagram is explain on the pneumatic network process. On this diagram using a specific peneumatic symbol that function for specific process such as valve 5/2 or valve 4/2 that explain the air in and air out from the valve. From the algoritma process sketch then you can draw more detail and more accurate like the connection among the cables on electronic circuit.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Process Control

Process control is a general term applied to describe the many methods of regulating the values of variables involved in industrial operations, temperature, and flow rate of raw materials. In fact any quantity that requires regulation in an industrial process can be treated as a variable for process control.

An integral part of the industrial resolution and the ensuing manufacturing innovations was the necessity to many different production parameters. For example, to manufacture plastic it may be necessary to maintain the temperature of a reason vessel at a constant value. If the process were not controlled, the temperature of the vessel might vary radically and create a poor-quality product or even a dangerous situation. Procedures have been developed to provide such regulation. Regulation was accomplished manually at first, through measurement, evaluation, and adjustment of the variable. Later, automatic systems were developed that could measure, evaluate, and adjust without direct human interaction. Automatic regulation of this type makes use of the feedback of the value of a variable in order to effect necessary adjustments of the process involving that variable.

The complete assembly of the three elements, measurement, evaluation, and adjustment, constitutes what is called a process control loop, where the word loop convey the idea of feedback of adjustments to the process following measurements in the process. Most industrial operations involve many variables to be regulated and thus many such process control loops. Sometimes the loop variables interact with each other so that adjustments for one variable affect a second variable, and so on. The overall process-control system is the assemblage of all these loops.

Since the late 1970s, microprocessor-based process control systems have come into wide use. Depending on the user’s need, such systems use an array of microprocessors to control from one to hundreds of variables. Further, these microprocessors are “cross-coupled,” or connected, with each other in such a way that complex adjustments can be made across a series of variables based on information traded between microprocessors.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Process Algoritma

Process algoritma may similar with process diagram. Process algoritma will describe the process description using algoritma. Algoritma make us more simple on watching the overall process on certain plant or on other step process. Algoritma also can draw to the reader the step flow that happen on the system.

For more detail about this algoritma may can view on the drawing of every process that available on this blog. Algoritma use in exact science and also in non exact knowledge. For example if you want to describe something that need a process to finish, then you draw step by step what you should be done. Then you can draw something on the paper and you show the step by step must to do. This is also called as algoritma process.