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Problem Solving Step

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

To solve the problem you see actually must be break down into the cause and effect. Many theory to solve the problem but actually you can break down by yourself. For Experience people may be can see what is the source of the problem, but for non experience people usually using trial and error. But trial and error method can consume mush time and costly. For simple problem may be just need a short time and may not costly but for a big problem this can be very expensive and need long time. Sometime this is not efficient.

For Example you have problem on your truck, and you are limited by time to finish. If you can't finish your truck in the limit time, you will loose the order because yuor customer will take another vendor. On this cases you must break down your truck problem and must take a right decision, if you make wrong decition, the effect you will loose your order.



Mathematics Algorithm

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mathematics algorithm is to make the problem more simple to be solved, but if we don't make right algorithm the problem will solve in the wrong way.

For example how to draw a problem into a simple algorithm in order we can calculate using simple formula that already available on mathematics, as on the problem solving of statistic.

Known: One badminton team consist of 5 members, will decide 2 people play a single players, and 2 pairs to play double. How to make this problem become more simple to be solved, depend on how you can make algorithm of this problem into the formula. On this example the formula that use to solve are as follows:

• The number option to choose 2 people as single player use the following formula:
C25 = 5!/(2!(5-2)!) = 5!/(2!.3!) = 10

• The number option to choose first pairs to play double
C23 = 3!/(2!(3-2)!) = 3!/(2!.1!) = 3

• The number option to choose second pairs to play double
C12 = 2!/(1!(2-1)!) = 2!/(1!.1!) = 2

So the number all option can be made are 10 x 3 x 2 = 60


Handling Complaint Algoritm

Friday, March 30, 2012

The guideline is to streamlining the information flow for timely and appropriate response to an emergency situation may adversely affect to the community. The guideline is applicable for handling an emergency covers explosion gas release, chemical spill, dust exposure and noise.

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